Having an active presence on social media is very crucial for brands and businesses. Without Instagram, no strategy for social media marketing won’t work. The Instagram platform has 80 crores active monthly users. And 50 crore profiles on Instagram are active daily. 70% of the hashtags on Instagram are branded ones. If you want to drive more sales and make real-time money from the Insatgram platform, you have to develop a powerful strategy. If you want to drive more traffic to your profile, you have to follow the following tips:

  1. Increase your fans base
  2. Focus on your page’s first impression
  3. On a regular and active basis, post your content.
  4. Do not be too salty
  5. Go through live videos.
  6. Add videos and photos to your Instagram story.
  7. Partner with social media influencers
  8. For captions adding hashtags
  9. Encourage user-generated content
  10. Running targeted advertisements
  11. Run giveaways and contests
  12. Take advantage of the feature “swipe up.”
  13. Using shoppable posts
  14. More than once, post the same product.
  15. Respond to messages and comments
  16. To showcase the products, use your Instagram story.
  17. Connect your Instagram fans to your Facebook page
  18. For followers offer some discounts

Increase your fans base

Having a successful Instagram marketing strategy is one of the first and foremost things to growing your follower base. You will struggle to get your content seen if you do not have a lot of followers. Without more followers, generating sales is not going to be easy. Tell your existing customers and ask them to follow you on Instagram if they are interested in your business and brand. Find your fans who all fit within your target audiences. Once you add a ton of new fans to your Instagram profile, it is beneficial to grab more engagement and drive more sales with your Instagram marketing strategy. purchase automatic Instagram likes to get more likes and increase your sales, and you can also use your story to partner with some other businesses and brands.

Focus on your page’s first impression

The first impression of the page matters. The above statement holds in the virtual world as well as the real world. People see your more recent posts, biography, and profile picture. Having the logo of your company as a profile picture will add the most value to your profile. The profile picture with the logo can drive more traffic.

On a regular and active basis, post your content.

If you add a video and picture to your Instagram profile only one time in a month, it cannot be a valuable and effective strategy. These types of profiles are sailed to be inactive profiles. You have to recognize and plan the right timing of your content. 

Go through live videos.

A special live broadcast feature is available on Instagram. Brands are using this feature to their advantage. The live feature gives the opportunity and advantages of connecting with your followers and audiences in real-time. Your audience can comment while you broadcast. To utilize the live story on Instagram, work with other businesses and brands. Across the globe, in terms of brand collaboration, Instagram is the topmost social media platform. 

Add videos and photos to your Instagram story.

To add content daily, your Instagram story is the best place. You can post videos and photos to your Instagram story one or more than one time per day. Use your Instagram story to tell people about you and your brand, run contests, and offer discounts. Use social media influencers to promoting your services, products, and brands, and it is an efficient and extremely tactic.