You will be cheerful to know that recently  IG has announced the monetization with Instagram TV ads if you are a marketer and influencer. This feature makes a moment for money-making and shows the badges of Instagram that qualify to manifest the support for their favored IG influencers during the IG Live videos. 


IGTV is an abbreviation of Instagram TV, and it is a lengthy form video channel available from its latest independent application and from Instagram. Gain attention from the audience by buying IGTV views from us.

IGTV permits the audiences and users to experience the feature of long-form vertical videos on their smartphones. Instagram TV has a design like how you hold on to and use your mobile phone: vertical and full screen.  Instagram TV is mainly focused on the content creators you follow on Instagram already and admire the most. While the Instagram Stories feature allows the brand and business to publish a fifteen-second-length video with a life span of twenty-four hours, Instagram TV provides more options for creating long-form videos and publishing them. IGTV series feature is also released by Instagam, which lets the brands and businesses produce a video series that can be consistently released.


By having the opportunity for income, the content creators IG expects to prompt much more high-quality content. As already known, video content is notably popular, and social media platforms are delivering much more videos that will achieve the race in alluring users. The ad partner program of IGTV for content creators and influencers is assumed to work on similar Facebook Watch guidelines. 

IG has encouraged a few of its topmost influencers to try Instagram TV ads as an initial test run.  Buy IGTV likes to gain more views to reach more people. The IGTV ad video should not contain violent content or sexual content. Do not use vulgar language or cursing language. Content should not be offensive or prejudiced towards a particular community.  Do not post content about controversial topics such as politics and social issues. Your content should be real. To gain the attention of viewers, do not use sentiments. Content should be adequately authorized or unique. Stay away from spreading misleading information, specifically medical consultants. Posting offensive activities is prohibited strictly. 

IG may permit you to post your content on Instagram TV if you meet the requirements mentioned above. You can expect to draw sponsorships and earn money off of Instagram TV ads once your content starts gaining traction. Instagram TV can be a great launchpad for influencers who are all beginners, as IG Stories are brimming with successful influencers already. 

The video specification of IGTV:

  • The video length of IGTV should be within fifteen minutes for mobile uploads and sixty minutes for web uploads. 
  • The recommended format for videos is MP4.
  • For horizontal videos, the aspect ratio is 16:9, and for vertical videos, the aspect ratio should be 9:16.
  • Seven hundred twenty pixels is the least resolution.
  • The cover image size needs to be in 420px by 654px. To make your ads more engaging, create a high-quality video.